What Should I expect from career counseling?

A career coach will help you identify where you are in the career development process and guide you through the specific steps that will help you formulate and implement an action plan.

This process can involve self-assessment, gathering information, weighing alternatives and decision making. However, the role of the career counselor is not to select or decide which career is right for you, but to provide guidance and resources to help you form your own conclusions regarding the direction of your career.

What typically happens in the first session with a consultant?

Your consultant will use the first session to gather information on your career history, professional experience, education, outside interests and life goals. This information will help your career consultant evaluate the current situation and recommend the steps you will need to take to accomplish your goals.

Do YOU specialize in specific career areas?

No. We work with clients who have a wide range of experience and represent a variety of occupations. The diversity of our clients contributes to our education and to keeping us on top of current trends in the job market. This unique insight and knowledge is especially valuable to those who are considering a career change.

What makes you qualified to provide Career and Human Resource Consulting?

Our consultants have advanced training in career counseling and job coaching combined with years of professional experience in a variety of settings. They provide consulting services to businesses, government agencies, universities and non-profit organizations on a regular basis. Our work with individuals and organizations gives us a unique perspective on the realities of the workplace and keeps us up-to-date on current trends in the job market.

Are your clients satisfied?

Many of our current clients are referred by former clients, so that says a lot. Our only dissatisfied clients are the ones who expect career and job coaching to produce magic. Enough said.