While You Are Waiting for Something to Change

The search for an exciting new career or even the less adventurous prospect of finding a decent job is a unique challenge in a sluggish economy. Admirable qualities such as patience, a positive attitude, creative thinking, a willingness to take the initiative and some old fashion finger crossing can only take you so far before the sturdiest, most optimistic personality crumbles a little at the edges. Even a sparkling, polished resume combined with an effective job search strategy no longer guarantee immediate success.

A job search can be the most dispiriting of pursuits when you have done all the right things with nothing to show for your efforts. A string of disappointments can lead to stress and depression.  You can’t change the current state of the economy and the fabric of the job market. What you can do is keep yourself energized and discover creative ways to expand your professional development as you wait for the right opportunity.

Change Current Situation

Explore ways to make the best of your current employment by taking on new and challenging projects. If your relationship with your supervisor or a colleague is difficult or tense, try some new communication approaches.


Stay in touch with colleagues and take advantage of professional events and online resources to build and expand your network.  Discover how to make yourself visible and connect with other professionals in your field using social media resources; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. And you might just land a job this way!

Training or Additional Education

Take advantage of any in-house opportunities for further training in your field or consider taking courses to gain a professional certification or improve your computer skills. Many area colleges and universities offer non-credit courses in a variety of professional areas at a low-cost.

Professional or Community Activities

Get involved with a professional association or community group that matches your career interests. This can expand your skill set as well as cultivate your professional network.  And if you are currently NOT working this is a great way to stay active in your field or explore new ones.


Beyond the rewards of giving back, a volunteer experience can be motivating, provide a sense of achievement, offer exposure to a different culture and unique opportunity to develop a new skill.  You will meet new people and enrich your community at the same time.

Exercise and Fun

Take good care of yourself!  Research shows that exercise and laughter reduces stress and depression as well as keeping you healthy and thinking positively.